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To learn anything about the county and what is expected from residents, please visit the Anne Arundel County Website:

The Chapelgate Community Association uses AA County law as the standard of conduct for residents in our community.  The CCA expects all residents, home owners, and landlords to abide by all laws and ordinances.  Abiding by the laws and ordinances helps keep peace in the community, and maintain a comfort and enjoyment level of one’s home.  Please always be respectful of your neighbors.  Whether you rent or own, take care of your property.  No one has to own nice cars here, or hire expensive lawn care specialists, but keeping vehicles registered and properly tagged, and the lawn mowed, and the home maintained, will all help to keep this neighborhood looking good for us and for the rest of the county.

The CCA is not a home owners association.  Because membership fees are not required, the CCA does not usually give warnings to residents when a violation of the laws and/or ordinances is found.  The CCA makes regular rounds through the neighborhood noting unkempt yards, unregistered/expired vehicles on private property, and abandoned or unregistered/expired vehicles on the roads.  The CCA then reports the findings to the appropriate county department.