CCA is Dissolved

Dear neighbors,
It is with heavy heart that I announce that last Monday, 6/11/2018, at our Special Meeting of the Chapelgate Community Association, the membership voted to dissolve the CCA. While this was not what any of us wanted, it was the right step to take. I will oversee the process of close out of the CCA as the Resident Agent for at least the next year.
Regardless of us no longer having an official organization to represent our neighborhood, we still live here and care about what goes on. We will continue to use Facebook and Nextdoor as our primary means of communicating. We can also gather as often as we want as neighbors to discuss goals and issues. If you want to meet with neighbors, please post a place and time! Please also post there about other community/county meetings or events that could be of interest to our neighbors. As long as we are communicating we can keep things getting better.
We will have our website through September. I will look into the options of keeping it if the costs can be cut down.
On a side note, we can also always reform the organization later. Although I would be unable to take on a leadership role in that endeavor, I am available to consult on the setting up process.
I will continue to work with Recreation and Parks while they complete the new play space at the Odenton Natural Reserve on Greyswood. It is near completion, and the sign will come later this summer! (In fact, I was just told it was ordered today!) This is a wonderful accomplishment that the CCA had wanted to do for many years, so it is great to see it reach its fruition now.
I will also continue to work with Erik Terry, Traffic Engineer, regarding the speed humps. While dissolving the CCA puts reaching our goal of three speed humps at risk, the ball is still rolling nonetheless.
Esther and I both agree, it has been an honor to serve you all and our community for these last almost five years. Please feel free to drop us a line. I will start using the email as the primary Chapelgate email. Thank you all for your support and encouragement!