Speed Humps for Chapelgate Drive!

Great news!

We have been talking about it in our meetings for years.  Now the Chapelgate Community Association has taken big steps to make it happen.  Anne Arundel County has found that Chapelgate Drive qualifies for up to three speed humps!  We have over 4,100 cars traveling on Chapelgate Drive.  Many of our neighbors that live on Chapelgate Drive can attest that there is too much speeding, and many of their cars have been sideswiped or totaled due to a speeder’s negligence.  We are ready to S-L-O-W the drivers down.  The county has mailed each resident of Chapelgate Community a survey stating the findings of the July 2017 study, and the approximate locations of the proposed three speed humps.  When you get your survey, please fill it out and mail it back. Ignore the May 14th due date; get it in by May 30th.  You can also call or email your response for free.  Your opinions and comments count!

Review the July 2017 Traffic Study here: chapelgate_NTC_2017

Per the findings of the study, the county will fund 60% of the costs to build each speed hump.  Chapelgate Community Association is coordinating efforts to raise the funds for the other 40%.  Each speed hump will cost our community approximately $800.00 to install, for a total of $2,400.00!  However, if every resident donated $10-$20, we can easily reach that goal.  Marilyn Flowers, President of the CCA, is coordinating the funding efforts.  Please contribute to making our Chapelgate Drive a safer road.  See below for donation details.

Please note, several residents have suggested four-way stop signs at the Greyswood Rd and Chapelgate Dr intersection.  It is against the traffic code to use four-way stop signs to slow down traffic.  Also, the right-of-way at the intersection would become ambiguous, accidents are known to increase at four-way stops due to the high number of vehicles that ignore the signs or do rolling stops.  A four-way stop could also create traffic jams on Chapelgate on school days, and we might lose our crossing guard, who currently stops the traffic to allow our children to cross safely.  In contrast, the speed humps would result in all the drivers on Chapelgate slowing down to the speed limit but would also allow traffic to keep flowing.  It may also have the added benefit of helping drivers who do not live in our community to choose the main roads, avoiding using our community for a short cut.  Thus, we may have less traffic and safer streets.

Please help us by completing the Chapelgate Speed Hump Survey and consider donating to our CCA Speed Hump Fund.  Together we can make a real difference in our community.

Two ways to donate:

PayPal users- Send donation to chapelgatecommunity@gmail.com

Or mail your donation with check payable to-

Chapelgate Community Association
C/O Marilyn Flowers, President
722 Chapelview Drive
Odenton, MD 21113

*Note: The mailing street name is ChapelVIEW, not ChapelGATE.

*Note: If you donate $25.00 or more, and you are a resident living in Chapelgate community, and you fill out this CCA Membership Registration form and send it to the address above, you will also be added to the current year’s membership roster!  Become a member of the Chapelgate Community Association today!

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