Community Meeting Notes for Oct. 8th from Connie Kinnick

Hi to All: I want to thank all those who attended this evening’s meeting. We had a pretty good turn out. The meeting was of a general nature because we do not have a formal Board, by-law, etc. The following information was discussed and I can assure you that there will be much more in the upcoming meetings.

It was discussed that the meeting are for all residents of the Community. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert Rules of Order. At this time, we have no current by-laws so I asked if anyone was williing to take the old by-laws and get them in an electronic format. Denise Woods is going to take the by-laws that we have and will scan them so they can be provided to all. Once I get the scanned by-laws I will send them out to the email group with instructions so we can be ready to address them at the next Association meeting. Regina Hill has offered to put the by-laws into an editable software. Thank you both for taking this on.

There was a recommendation to establish a yearly membership fee (recommendation of $20.00 per year) but since there is not a formal Board this recommendation will addressed after the swearing in of the Board.

As to the Board, I asked for volunteers for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. I offered that in the absence of anyone volunteeting for the President position that I would do it for 6 months. At the end of the meeting Denise Woods volunteered for Vice President, Marilyn Flowers volunteered for Secretary, Erika McLeod has volunteered for Treasurer and Donald Gum volunteered for Sergeant at Arms. Thank you all for heeding the call. It was also asked that the duties of these various positions be provided. I have agreed to provide that information not only to those that have volunteered but to the who email group so everyone is aware and then can prepare for their opportunity to serve in the coming years.

There was discussion of a Clean Up day for the Community. Bill Kinnick explained that the Community used to have two times in the year when we worked with the County and they brought in dumpsters so large items could be hauled away. It was discussed that it might be nice to have a community wide clean up day by street. We could still arrange for the County to have pick up of the bags of trash like they do for Bulk Trash. Charlie Fix, Kim Newman, Michelle Kinnick and Denise Woods have agreed to work with Bill Kinnick and plan for this type of Community Cleanup day. thank you for taking on this project as a Team.

Denise Woods asked about the Neighborhood Watch program. She had done some investigation and had gotten some information from the County. Bill Kinnick explained that the Community used to have a Neighborhood Watch but it had gradually fallen by the wayside. He has agreed to work with Denise on this project. I hope that some other people within the email group will step up and join this Team.

We were all reminded that the Anne Arundel County Community Relations meeting will be held on Wednesday, 9 Oct, at 7:30 p.m. at the Western District Police Station. The theme that ran through tonight’s meeting is that we have to make our Community visible. The only way to do that is to represent our Community at events like this. I hope that there will be a presence.

We also talked about the traffic situation in the Community. I stated that we are our own worst enemy. Many times the speeders and people who do not stop at the stop signs in our Community are our own residents. We cannot expect other people to obey and respect the speed limits and traffic laws in our Community when we don’t even do it ourselves. Not only should be do this within our own Community but we have to respect our surrounding neighbors as well. Our Crossing Guard validated that there are quite a few of the Community residents that speed through the neighborhood and especially at the major crossing of Chapelgate and Greyswood, they don’t even stop at the stop signs. Please make every effort to be part of the solution for not only our Community but our Community neighbors.

We also met our Communications Team and we are moving forward with a Community webpage. There is a cost for the first year and since we have no treasury, I have offered to fund the first year. Once we decide on membership costs and start doing some Community fund raising this will be picked up by the Community. The Team is asking for pictures of the Community or of pictures of you and your family enjoying some of our local businesses. If you would like to give a recommendation about a restaurant, a local company that did a great job for you, etc. Please submit those to or

I realize that this is a great deal of information and since I was trying to run the meeting and make notes, please forgive me if I have omitted anything that you thought was important or if I forgot anyone. I am sure that once we have the official Board in place, this will get better.

Again, thanks to all of you that attended, those that contacted me and let me know that you would not be able to attend and to all of you that have stepped forward to take on some of the work that needs to be done.

On a final note, the next Chapelgate Community Association meetint will be on Thursday, 14 Nov at 7:30 p.m. at the Waugh Chapel Elementary School. I hope to see you all there. Please be sure to share this with your friends and neighbors and asked them to join us while we take back this Community.

Good night all,


Looking to the future with grace.

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