President’s Corner – November

Around this time every year you can’t help but taking stock of all things that you are grateful for.  I find myself thinking a lot about our community and how far we have come.  A year ago we were all pretty concerned about our neighborhood.  Out of that our community association was born.  It was a lot of effort but incredibly heartwarming to see all of our neighbors pull together.  So, I am thankful to have met so many wonderful people that live in Chapelgate.  I am thankful that we communicate with each other.  We all may not always agree but, we always come together.  I have great hope for neighborhood which needs each of us to help in any way we can.  So of course….. We need volunteers!  We need ideas!  What is your vision for Chapelgate?  I know we are all very busy with our own lives (work & family).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could start calling ourselves – Chapelgate Family?

Some of you may already be aware that we have a fun filled evening planned for December 14th!  “Holiday Lights Spectacular” is an event that begins with meeting up with neighbors for some holiday cheer with delicious treats.  It is following by neighborhood caroling.  Yes, we will be loud and hopefully in tune.  While we are spreading the holiday spirit we all will be judging the homes in the contest.  So bundle up, grab the kids and come join in the fun!  Details are located on our events page!

Your Neighbor,


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