A Word Or Two From The President


Well, Mother Nature has surely been flexing her muscles over the past few months.  I am hoping that we are now on the other side of all the snow, ice and cold.  Keep your fingers crossed.

 I have been looking back over the past few months and really see that the Community has made some real steps in a forward direction.  I just wanted to share some of my thoughts and feelings about where we are and where we are going.

 We definitely have had some things that were not so good (like the two incidents with weapons) but we have also had some really good things happen.  Here a few of those highlights:

  • The Community was able to have a Board placed so the Community could move forward in a structured way.
  • The residents of the Community have banded together to create Teams to deal with various issues and/or concerns of the Community i.e. Traffic Team, Communications Team, Beautification Team, Fundraising Team, Signage Team to name a few.  We still have some Teams that have not had there first meeting but things are definitely moving forward.  Keep your eyes posted for upcoming Team meetings.
  • The Traffic Team has initiated the Traffic Study process and we have some results that will be shared with the Community at the April 10, 2014 meeting.  Make sure that you are there to voice any concerns and to speak to the Team and the Anne Arundel County Traffic Engineer.
  • The Communications Team has established multiple media outlets to share information with not only our Community but with surrounding Communities.  We have a webpage, a Community Facebook page and a Nextdoor Neighbor page.  Our next goal is to have a Public Affairs within Communications Team to reach out to the local newspapers like the Gazette and the Patch.
  • The Beautification Team has already had their first Community Clean-up Walk and collected over 200 lbs of trash that was disposed of and is no longer littering our Community.  Job well, done and I hope that more walks will be scheduled and that more of the residents get out there and make a difference.  The Team has also requested a dumpster for a Community Clean-up on 25 and 26 April 2014.  Watch for more information of this event.
  • The Fundraising Team has met and they will be establishing some restaurant fundraisers.  These eating out fundraisers are a very easy way for everyone to help support the Community and all the things that the residents have talked about i.e. best yard contest, scholarships, general operating expenses, etc.
  • The Signage Team is pursuing a more permanent sign.  They have to make sure that we met all the County requirements but I am sure that there will be a sign that not only provides information to the Community but it will also enhance the entrance to the Community.
  • Last but certainly not least, the Community has passed the By-laws at the March meeting.  I want to personally thank the By-Laws Team for all of their hard work.  At this same meeting, the issue of Community Membership was discussed and approved.  The Membership amount of $25.00 per house (which provides for two votes per residence) and $10.00 for any additional individuals in the same residence) was accepted.
  • With this important decision of the Membership dues now decided, this opens the door for the Membership Team and Block Captains to now become active.  These important teams will be meeting shortly.
  • Also, at the last meeting a Nominating Team was established in preparation for the election of a new Board in June.  As a reminder, the current Board was only elected for 6 months.

Whew, I know that this seems like a lot but I am so excited about all the things that have been accomplished and all the wonderful things that are on the horizon.  Stay connected and continue to come out and join the party.  We are a Community that is moving forward and I see so much more that is coming our way.

Take care and see you in the Community,


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